Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcome and Thanks

Welcome- Kick off you shoes and have a cupa and lets get busy.

I have decided that facebook is NOT for me. Too much time wasted on things I may not really care about. With that said I have also chosen to return to my blogging days. I miss all the post on Tomorrow's Treasures. Sad it got so messed up. So starting over is best I guess. Please be patient while I figure out the look of my page. I really wish it to show me, the nuts, quirky pain in the butt me. 

Spring is trying so very hard to move in, some days we thing yes, then, oops, nope! ha ha

Lets start off this blog with garters. Its Prom season and moving into wedding season. I have an order for a Wedding coming up really fast. and I fulfilled the Prom orders for this year. I really enjoy making garters, (psst- watch for headbands)

this is the side view of the one prior.
Many of the girls this year had the same color dress with different styles. So lots of the same colors.

Today- Please smile at everyone, never know who might need one.
Come back tomorrow for some other handcrafted things.